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Standalone Partner Portal ($299.00)

A Point of Sale system, allowing for real-time activations and payments for cellular service that utilizes a Partner account to obtain direct access to marketing resources, pricing, and sales information, as well as technical details/support that is unavailable to other end users. This Brick and Mortar fulfillment solution enables you to customize your commission breakdown and retail rates, thus ensuring competitive pricing for your customers. With this portal, activate and top-up unlimited lines of both GSM and CDMA service.

Frontend Customer Website ($599.00)

A proprietary custom designed online marketplace, automated for quick and easy checkout. Customers will be able to manage their accounts, pay their bill, and track their usage, all on your website. Electronic retailing, or e-tailing, can include business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales of products and services formally known as e-commerce.

Frontend Website Plus Partner Portal ($999.00)

Market your product locally and on a national scale with the Point of Sale system and the proprietary custom designed website. Implement’s payment gateway to take payment for services online and in a single retail location. 

Website Plus Master Partner Network ($2499.00)

Distribute your product to multiple retail locations giving full management capability to monitor transitional sales through third-party partner channels. Also, includes website content electronic retailing (e-commerce). Optimize your franchised network by enabling multiple retail locations to offer your cellular solution while still marketing your brand online.

Full MVNO with Customer Service

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, employ the capabilities of a National Service Provider without the costs of securing our own contracts with the National Carriers. By offering a completely customized front and backend ecosystem, you can now confidently launch your own pre-paid telco brand.

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Logo Design Cost: $400.00

Frontend Website Design

Custom Frontend Website Design Cost: $1200.00
Dealer Portal
Wireless Reseller

Telco Contracts

Merchant Account

Customer Service Call Center

Will Be Charged at $400.00 Per Month

Social Media Marketing

Will Be Charged at $400.00 Per Month


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